Taxi Rauma

0100 4560

Mon-Fri between 7:00 and 17:00 o'clock.

(1,50 €/call + operator charge)


Please make a request 24h beforehand.

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Service Hours

Taksimestari taxis are availabe Mon-Fri between 7:00 and 17:00 o’clock.
Other hours available on pre-order. Please make a request 24h beforehand.


Wherever the road leads you Taksimestari offers you smooth and safe ride.

We offer various transport services for company and consumer clients for everyday and special occasions. Our range of cars include both regular cars and wheelchair-accessible taxis. We also have safety seats for the young ones. One of our cars is scent free and suitable e.g. for persons with asthma.

Kela taxi
We are also Kela taxi service producer in Satakunta. To order a Kela ride, call Satakunta call center 0800 120 001 (free of charge). Some Kela passengers are entitled to use familiar taxi driver (vakiotaksi). If you wish to have us as your familiar taxi driver, please leave your request through our form and we’ll contact you.
Read more about Kela taxi service on

Planning a wedding or celebrating a birthday?
Our elegant black Mercedes Benz E 220 is perfect for adding that little extra to your special day. Contact us and we’ll plan a suitable arrangement for you.

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Taxi fares

Call charge 0100 4560 1,50 €/call + operator charge
Pre-booking fee Taksimestari does not charge a pre-booking fee.
Base fee Mon-Fri between 6:00 and 22:00 4,90€
  Sat between 6:00 and 16:00 and on holiday’s eve 4,90€
  Other times 8,90€
Time fee 0,99 €/min
Distance fee 1-4 pers 1,49 €/km
  5-6 pers (minivan taxi) 1,89 €/km
Assistance fee 15,90€
Fares are valid with rides booked from Taksimestari numbers, through email and web form.


Taxi Rauma 0100 4560
(1,50 €/call + operator charge)

Mon-Fri between 7:00 and 17:00 o’clock.
Other hours available on pre-order. Please make a request 24h beforehand.

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Taksimestari brand is a registered trademark for Tmi Taksiliikenne Suominen.

Tmi Taksiliikenne Suominen
Business ID 1802858-9

The story of our company begins in 2003 when Tmi Taksiliikenne Suominen was established. Entrepreneur Marko Suominen began driving a taxi in his hometown Rauma. As the years went on the business grew and as of 2021 Taksimestari serves a variety of customers in Rauma and Turku region. Our brand name ”Taksimestari” means we want to offer our best for our customers. We wish to be a trusted transportation company and want to offer variety of serives for every need. We take care of our vehicles in both summer and winter and make sure they are safe and sound. We are a responsible family-owned company.

Iloinen pariskunta mustan Taksimestari-auton takapenkillä.

Pre-order a taxi ride or leave feedback

We will always confirm your pre-order either by text message or email no later than 6 hours before the start of the trip.